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Not Being Able to Bet or Sell

Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but there have been a couple of time I couldn't bet. Once I tried to sell clothes and received the message the opponent didn't have enough money to buy, but he did have over 100 and clothes to sell. Another time I tried to bet and received a message the opponent didn't have enough to call even though he did have clothes remaining to sell.

Both times the only thing I could do was fold.


  • Thanks for your feedback we will analyse this problem.
  • Encountered the same problems. Also a problem with the game locking up in the middle and everyone getting booted from the game.
  • Thanks for the feedback. To sell the opponent should have more than a cave so 150.
    For locking sometimes the game freeze it should automaticly restart after 12 seconds if not it crash.
    We work on the problem and we will migrate on a bigger server soon to avoid this bug
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