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A Couple of Bugs

- Sometimes the declared winner of a hand is incorrect, at least based on each player's cards displayed after the hand is over. And sometimes this isn't the best hand that you had - straights aren't always recognized and it doesn't always reflect the highest card you had.

- Occasionally some of the cards on the table don't 'flip over' so you can't see what they are for the entire hand.

- At least a couple of times the cash balances shown by each player get out of sync. Once I was showing my opponent to have a negative balance which kept getting bigger. I asked if the game wasn't forcing him to sell and he said it shouldn't because he still had cash remaining. This discrepancy remained for the rest of the game. Another time my opponent couldn't bet because he was showing I had 0 cash, but I had just won a hand and had over 200 of cash.


  • edited March 2016
    Thanks for your feedback Matt.
    I note your problems , we already work on some of them and we will migrate on a faster server.
    Thank for your fidelity we hope to solve these problems soon.
    It s the begining of this website adventure and we will do our best to give the best strip poker experience.

  • Matt can you tell us more of when theses bugs occurs ? We have done some improvements for faster server reply. We work on the cave bug. Can you tell us the main bug you encounter as we will focus first on it. You play on wifi connection ?

  • I play on WiFi sometimes, but lately have mostly used a wired connection.

    I think the winner of a hand being incorrect occurs most often, I'd say at least once a game on average. It goes both ways in terms of who it benefits and I haven't noticed any pattern or cause for it.

    The cave bug seems to be happening more lately, but maybe I'm just noticing it more. This can be a major problem and can end the game. Recently I won a hand but the pot didn't increase my cave on my end (but did increase my cave as my opponent saw it). As a result, he could bet which forced me to sell, which took all his cave so he had to sell, which took all my cave, etc. We were both out of clothes and cave almost immediately. Another time I had no cave to ante with so the only option available was to sell, but opponent didn't have enough to buy so the game couldn't continue.

  • Ok we will work on the cave amount first. After on the hand result on the river.
    Good news live cam tables coming soon for vip.

    Thanks again for your feedback and congratulations for your ranking !!
  • Hi. I think we're experimenting new bugs with the new game with livecam (which is a great improvement by the way!). I don't know how to explain: things are getting very slow, it's hard to write messages through the chat, it's hard to get to click on bet, sell and others... but when there are few people playing it seems fine.
    So i guess it's just temporary troubles but I really don't know how to help you with that!
    Thanks for the game!
  • Hi !
    First thank for the feedback !
    The main thing that use many ressource is not the livecam but the group chat , we are working for a new version using less ressource.
    Wich browser did you use ?
    Can you chack your computer ressource when it freeze ?
    Do you have only the problem on livecam tables or also on snap tables ?
    Do you know if other players face the same problem.

    If anyone have similar problem please let us know.

  • I use firefox.I had it on snap tables. Some other player seem to have problems too. Maybe the group chat is not necessary then. I thank you for the quick answer!
  • No problem. We will desactivate the chat for a few time to check.
    For the game it s seems chrome better handle webcams
  • It may be wrong but it's like if as soon as there are players on the livecam table, evereything would start to bug...
  • Strange aw livecam iw handle by another server
  • is anyone there
  • This has happened 2 or 3 times in the last couple of weeks: My opponent had to sell which somehow created a negative cave balance for me so I also had to immediately sell. After these sells, our cave balances were equal at 130 as they usually are after a sell, but the opponent lost an additional item of clothes in the process (if these were our first sells, he was shown as selling 2 with 1 remaining and me as selling 1 with 2 remaining).
  • Thanks for the feedback we will check
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