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Updated chrome and cam doesn't work

Hello, I just updated to new version of chrome and I can't take pics with webcam.
Webcam is working fine so it must be because of the update.
Hope this can be solved,


  • Have you checked the settings? They will have been reset by the update.
  • I don't think is because the settings, just checked and cam works fine with chrome
  • I can't get my webcam to work on this site either any more. It doesn't work in Chrome or Firefox. It works on every other site that I've tried though, so it has something to do with this site. Didn't renew my VIP because of this.
  • I have exactly the same problem from exactly the same time frame. My cam works everywhere except this site, Deleted all cookies, cleaned pc, restarted, tried chrome, normal explorer and firefox doesn't work on any. Requesting a refund on membership if no fix
  • Same for me. Also requesting a refund if it will not be fixed.
  • same problem here. works on other sites.
  • Just saw this tread - I'm not able to use my cam either.
  • Hi we have restart the live server. But we do not have the issue.
    Can you do a new test ?
    Tell me if you have an error message.
    Tested under chrome under pc and android
  • I have tried again, but cam is still not working on this site.
  • Have you tested on your mobile ?
    Do you have an error message. I ve just tested with a player and it work correctly.
    Maybe you are behind a firewall ?

  • It always worked well before. Cam works on every other site but this one. No error message, only a blank place where the cam usually shows on the screen.
  • There seem to be a lot of people with the same problem now. I have even tried different browsers and still have same problem ... Chrome, Firefox .....
  • For taking first picture it s seemes there is.an issue we work on it. But during game we do not find any problem.
    Ensure to connect the site on https not http
    You say it was working on your side before ? Since when you have the problem ?
  • For livecam it s ok with latest chrome. We are checking for snap
  • Good news we have solved the problem for snap pictures. So for us everything works great on last chrome , tested under android and PC
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