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Payment not possible

edited December 2019 in English - find a bug ?
Tried several times to get a VIP account - but payment ends always with an error. Wrote an email to administrator spo.enligne at but got no answer. No customer support on this site.


  • edited December 2019
    Sorry we have never received your mail. Please give me the date when you have send it.
    What is your problem exactly.
  • sent mail on december, 9th:
    Une erreur est survenue
    4311 - La transaction n'a pas été acceptée.
    L'organisme de paiement à retourné l'erreur suivante:
    Paiement refusé par le centre d'autorisation. Error:00105
  • Paypal is not still available because of adult content. Sorry
  • ????? that wasn't paypal!
  • In this case you re cc has been refused. Transaction is not accepted. You will not be debited
  • Think I have same problem. Seems American Visa and Mastercards will not accept payments to gambling sites, so transactions denied.
    Maybe set a new identifier with Starpass without the the word "Poker" in it.
  • Hello,
    We work on it and hope whe ca solve the issue soon.
    Really sorry for inconvenience.
    We are in discussion with starpass for this issue.

  • Hello,

    I just added paysafecard payement method for payment until i find a better solution.

  • You can buy your paysafecard directly online on the official resellers :
  • Hi, I can't pay either, tried several times
  • Sorry we only can made with paysafe for visa mastercard as some cards consider our site as a gambling site
  • Yes but how can i pay it, the sites above only accept Canadian cards
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