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New Bug - Opponent Couldn't Bet

Just played a game with a member who couldn't bet or raise even though we both showed that I had plenty of cave. We exited and restarted a game 3 times and it happened each time, but always to my opponent and not to me (I could bet). It seemed to happen after chatting, so the last time we didn't chat at all and didn't have the problem and finished the game.


  • Does he have the bet button not working or no bet button at all ? He have a message to say he cant bet ?
    He was on mobile or pc ?
    Thanks for your feedback. We work at the moment on the cave amount bug it should be ok next week end.
  • Sorry, I do not know much details. It has not happened again so maybe it was a one-time thing.
  • Ok Thanks we have done optimisations for opponent disconnection don t hesitates to give us a feedback
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