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Was playing an opponent tonight and we found that if the winning hand was a 'full house', it resulted in the winner appearing to have folded yet won the game. which of course was correct. This happened several times throughout the game, the winner with a full house always appeared to have 'folded' when the results flashed up.


  • Yes we have notice it too. It does not change the result as the system consider the full house but the text is wrong
  • Corrected ;)
    Next step is live cam for vips... ;)
  • Cool, looking forward to it!
  • It VERY OFTEN happens that when we intend to BET 30, the button changes back to "FOLD"... and we fold indeed! May be it would be easier if the 10,20,30 appeared elsewere or vertically.
  • Ok rhanks for the feedback
  • I have the same problem that the BET 30 button changes to fold - nearly every time.
  • no solution for this bug? nearly everytime when I want to bet 30 the button changes to fold and so i folded instead of bet 30.
  • Yes we have to correct it the button goes back to previous butron every 15 seconds .
    We will try to solve it soon.
  • Correction is done
  • Thanks it works fine now!
    I guess the discussion could be closed now.
  • Ita working
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