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Lower hand wins

On a frequent basis lately, the lower hand has been awarded the win.


  • I see that a lot, too. It seems to be happening more often than it used to.
  • Hello it s strange as we have done correction on hand determination.
    Do you have an example of hand that this bug occur ?
  • It most often seems to happen when each player has a pair and the lower pair will win. I've also seen it happen when both have a straight. The straight with the lowest high card will win. A 6-7-8-9-10 can beat a 7-8-9-10-J. If I recall correctly, it happens when both players have a similar hand: both have pairs or both have straights.
  • ok thank you for your feedback , so it almost the case when same combinaison but different power .
    We will check that soon , we are finishing the live video at the moment, this point will be our next objective.
    Thank again for your feedback.
  • Hi,
    We are correcting this bug sorry
  • Corrected ;)
  • I've experienced something similar with straights a few days ago. there is a straight on table 8-10-J-Q-K and it resulted as drawn hand but my opponent had 2-A and I had 8-5
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