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Forced to Sell After Opponent Sells

This has been reported before, but it still happens fairly often: My opponent had to sell which somehow created a negative cave balance for me so I also had to immediately sell. After these sells, our cave balances were equal at 130 as they usually are after a sell, but the opponent lost an additional item of clothes in the process (if these were our first sells, he was shown as selling 2 with 1 remaining and me as selling 1 with 2 remaining).

I think it only happens in livecam and I don't remember it ever happening the other way - its always me who has to sell and my opponent losing the additional piece of clothes.


  • thanks matt for your feedback,
    we are starting rewrinting the whole application as we have some bugs we want to solved , there are everyday new players and we are now sure that the game is a success.
    So we work on a better version of the site to improve the game and have more stability for users that have a non stable connection (wifi).
    we will check this point at the same time !
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