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Private Strip Tables

Hi....I'm finding that SOME players are having difficulty in joining me at the private table that I temporarily set up. If I'm at the table first, neither of us can see each others Live Cam or its just blank and one or the other can message but the other cant respond. If we switch roles, i.e. they are at the table first and I join them, sometimes it works sometimes not. For other players, there is no difficulty and we play merrily away without any hassle. Therefore my question is, does the problem lie with the other player's browser or with mine orr what could be giving rise to this issue? Thanks & Happy Christmas!


  • Hi Westie !
    It's strange , there was a similar bug a few weeks ago but it had been fixed.
    strange that it concern only some users.
    I recommande Chrome to use the site , it's the more compliant .
    We will check if there is any other reason.
    Does they have a specific message ?
    Are you logged in when you access the table (because in other case it should log you as gues and it should be the reason).

    Have happy christmas Too !!
  • Hi ADMIN, thanks for the prompt reply. I was logged in when I set up the table. No error messages popped up other than we couldn't see each others live cam. I do use Google Chrome to access the site. Maybe the problem lies with some other technical fault other rather this software. To coin a much used phrase 'it could be me rather than you'!

    Any other users have similar problems btw?
  • There has been times when I can see my cam but not the other player's and vice versa on his side. Exiting and restarting the game sometimes fixes the problem, but it seems live cam just doesn't work for some players for whatever reason. I've never had a problem with messages in game that I know of.
  • Matt your peoblem is dofferent we work on autoreconnect because loosing a few seconds the connection close the live session

    Westie ok i will try to find the reason of your issue.

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