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Improvements of strip poker

Do you have any request to get the strip poker game better ?
Feel free to give your ideas


  • Could have some video webcam tables
  • Hello,
    We are working on it i hope we can delivery it soon ;)
  • Perhaps A FB page YouTube ad and some events bigger tables?
  • Good ideas i note and we do it soon
  • A lobby for players to talk to each other before setting up a game with messenger and sound notification
  • We work on a mini chat shootbox style on the game page to talk before setup the game i will check if possible of sound notification
  • edited March 2016
    The VIP tables offer a limited benefit since it significantly reduces the number of potential opponents and the chance of getting a game going. Consider creating some tables that can only be started by a VIP but can then be joined by anybody.
  • For this purpose you can open private tables that can be join by non vip. We will think about your idea . thanks for the feedback
  • Maybe the possibility to create private tables open to all users ?
  • Private tables are great for restarting a disconnected game or scheduling one with someone you've already played. But you have to invite a specific player, right? So they don't help if you just want to sign on and play since you don't know who is or will be online and available.
  • Yes you re right. We will work on this asap
  • more than one public table would be a start, somebody possibly interested doesnt want to wait until the people playing, finish.

    another is i've seen alot about tournament tables to win VIP but not seen anything of it yet.

    an app would also be good, better than in browser.

    from a sceptic who wants to believe.

    sincerely jdreno.
  • Thanks for your feedback.
    Why not an app.
    We are migrating on a new server then we will have more possibility of improvements.
    The tournaments will come
  • It would be great to give a rank (like 0 to 5 stars) of the other players after a game, because I met mainly nice ones but also a few that were not respectful...
  • Great idea. We will do it
  • It could be nice if the rank was given even when the game ends prematurely.
    Comments (with limited characters) would be great too but it may need moderation...
    Thanks for your work!
  • We can add it in the member area so you can comment at any time out of the game
  • The LiveCam is a great improvement of the game. Congrats! I decided to get VIP to support you! Another idea for improvements: games with 3 (or more) players !
  • Hi
    Thanks for the support we are looking for max 4 players table but it s a long work.
    It will came i hope for september
  • Tables where you can play more than just 1 on 1
  • we are thinking of it but it's many work.
  • Hi! In the game page, a private table is useIess once its creator as left. In order to clean up a bit the game page, the private tables could be removed automatically once their creators disconnect. Other solutions could be to propose only shorter times when creating a table, or to ask the creators to kindly remove their tables before living the site.
  • One reason for the number of private tables is it seems they remain until the creator signs in again no matter how long it was set for. So tables of less-active players probably still show after they should have expired. (I usually set mine for 8 hours and at first was surprised to see it still there the following day when I entered the site but it disappeared after I signed in).

    Also, I think the description of the private tables is a little misleading. Unlike when an invite is made to a specific player that only they can see, the open invitation tables are neither private nor really an invitation. A guest told me he didn't think he could join a table I was waiting at because it was 'private', so I don't think everyone realizes they can join those tables.
  • Thanks cor your feedbacks !
    We will take in consideration these points cor the next improvement
  • It is possible to remove a private table. I always remove mine from my 'invitations' page before leaving the site.
  • Private tables are automaticly dropped after the time set when created
  • It is not working that way. Tables are not dropped until after the creator signs in. That is why Bublinka's table is still there even though the maximum time is 72 hours. Her last connection was in September.
  • You re right we will change this.
  • I think the biggest problem is there are no girls on here. This site seems dead.

    If you go into a room, all you get is other men asking to play against you. Sorry but not into that. Then you get abuse for not accepting them

    Would it not be better to have a few more tables

    MEN v MEN

    That way at least the other 2 rooms are available.
  • I have played with a couple of women on this site (and I have seen a few others + couples log on), but they are relatively rare, and always have been in any online strip poker game I've seen. The best suggestion I would have is to wait for them to create a premium table, however you will have to be *extremely* patient.

    It might be a good idea to indicate who you are comfortable playing with somewhere, that being said.

    Real life strip poker can have much better ratios. :) I'm guessing possibly it's a safety thing; I know my wife dropped out of Fetlife due to creepy PM floods.
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