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The site is not working

The site is not working. It freezes. Boots people from the tables. etc etc. etc.


  • Yes we have been attacked this night.
    It should be ok now.
  • still seems to be locking up when a player tries to sell
  • it is still locking up all over the place -- just tried to join a table and it locked
  • it worked for a little bit and then started crashing again
  • Admin: this morning, I found myself playing 'Andrea'. He/she/it did not exchange greetings, remained invisible, played extremely quickly and was not interested in validation. There is no such person on the list of members. Could this have been part of a cyber-attack? Has anybody else encountered 'Andrea'?
  • Andrea is a bot . for waiting players
  • I did not ask for a game while waiting.
  • Strange
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