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Duration of the strip poker game

Does the game is too long ?
Is the cave amount too hight ?
How much should be the cave ?
Waiting for your feedbacks


  • We have change the cave amount to 150 $ for faster games. Give us your feedback
  • some may want fast games some . may want slow games . what about giving players choice of how long a game can be played for . up to 1 hours . 1-2 hours
  • Ok so it s should be interssing to have table with various cave amount
  • Cave amount of $150 works for me. I do prefer the 3 item game as the 5 item game can really go long. Perhaps lower cave amount to like $100 to speed up the 5 item games or even lower.

    Also, for players who want faster games and more fun, someone suggested while playing that the first time you replenish your cave you are naked and the winner gets to pick the pose. Each time you replenish your cave a new nude pose. You can also preset with other players what is required in each pose at the start of the game. Each getting more embarrassing.
  • We note your idea.
    Thanks for the feedback
  • More 3-item games would be nice
  • I like the 5 item games, since there is more to take off. But, they tend to take way too long. A 5 item game with a much lower cave would also be fun in my opinion.
  • Good idea to have different cave depending on the number of clothes.
    There are more 3 items on vip section.
    We have made this section for a low price to help to pay the server location.
  • How do I open a new table ?
  • you can use the existing tables.
    If you are VIP you can create private tables by going into the member list and click on "Invite" for the user you wish invite on a private table.
  • VIPs should have flexibility on how they run their game. The one public room needs to be fast so others can play
  • I have a couple of suggestions for keeping games moving and preventing people from leaving before the end. These can be agreed by any players without need for system changes.

    1, If both players still have clothes and a hand is tied (Ex Aequo) then both players must sell 1 item before playing the next hand.

    2. If one player has no clothes left but enough money, they can request that the other player sells an item by saying 'buy'. The other player would then have to sell one item.

    In terms of making system changes, the addition of an 'All In' option shouldn't be a massive change and should help prevent players leaving early.
  • I've just realised that the 'All In' option could also be agreed by players under the current system. One player would say 'All In' and the other player would then either fold or raise in which case both players would repeatedly raise the maximum until one player can't raise any more (would be all in).
  • I would like to see the fold option removed. A lot of players fold every time someone bets and it drags the game out
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